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Maximising the return on leadership

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Edgecumbe combine assessment and performance analytics with leadership coaching and facilitation to maximise the value delivered from leaders within organisations.

We study leadership impact, behaviour and performance outcomes, providing insights to inform the formation, composition and development of leadership teams.

Our core capabilities are leadership assessment, team dynamics and business analytics.

Our Approach

Developed over 25 years of research and refinement

Edgecumbe Consulting

The Primary Colours Toolkit

Smarter assessment tools for selecting and developing leaders.

Edgecumbe Consulting



The essentials of leadership
27-01-2016 09:04:30
The subject of leadership has spawned so many different views that it is hard for most leaders to kn...
By David Pendleton
Congratulations on your engagement!
Employee Engagement
10-06-2015 00:00:00
Most people believe fervently that engaged employees produce better results.  That’s why ...
By David Pendleton
Vulnerability in leadership - the key to creativity and innovation?
21-05-2015 00:00:00
I have recently been reading a book by the wonderful Brene Brown, entitled ‘Daring Greatly&rsq...
By Laura Nesbitt
Performance management reinvented
01-05-2015 00:00:00
An article in this month’s Harvard Business Review (Reinventing Performance Management by...
By Jon Cowell


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Here we describe how we've added value to client organisations. 

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We are proud of our group of highly experienced and talented associates and affiliates. We also have licensed independent consultants who use our proprietary tools and methods. 

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